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The Association

The Excelsior Alumni Association (USA) Inc. and it's operational activities, come under the ambit of it's article of incorporation in the State of New York, Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, by it's own constitution and by-laws as well as the Robert's Rule of Order.

The organization generally meets the third Sunday of each month, except August. Biennial General Meetings, at which Officers are elected are normally held in May. The organization is governed by an Executive Board. The current Offices and positions are:

Executive Board

 Donald Chin-Shue President
Donald Chin-Shue
Pauline Isaacs Tate
President Paulette Mullings Bradnock

Vice President
Paulette Mullings Bradnock

  Public Relations Officer
Ruperta Duncan Gordan Recording Secretary
Ruperta Duncan Gordan
Business Manager
Dawn Walker
  Corresponding Secretary
Cheryl Symes-Hudson
Asst. Business Manager
Charles Ellis
Noelene Johnson
Chairman Emeritus
Dr. Owen Jones


This is open to all Alumni of the Excelsior community i.e. (High School, Community College). Also eligible to become a member, is any person of good character who embraces the ideals of the Association. This person would be deemed an associate member. Persons with outstanding achievements in fields of interest to the Association may be recommended as honorary members.

Membership and Contribution Form

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Standing Committees

  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Special Events
  • Public Relations
  • Hospitality/Reception
  • Planning

Fund Raising

Fund Raising is managed by the Finance & Planning Committees, assisted by ad hoc committees which are dissolved upon completion of their goals. The main fund raising activity is our Annual Dinner Dance.

We invite corporations, individuals, institutions and others organizations to join us in fulfilling our mission, by contributing goods, financial resources, technical expertise and other resources.