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Age Anecdotes

(EDITOR'S NOTE: In this new feature we present in prose & verse, alumni’s reminisces about their time at Excelsior. We encourage alumni to submit anecdotes to share with the XLCR family)

On graduation day July 1977, we were standing in line dressed in our gowns and caps, when Mr. Fenton approached me with his brows knotted and half whispered-half shouted "For goodness sake, Ellis man!". "What Sir?" I asked, as I put on my best "what-have-I-done-now" expression. "Try and look intelligent man!" he quipped.

That moment with Mr. Fenton and the exciting undertaking of hiding from my Auntie and her friend after the ceremony capped five wonderful years of adventure and laughter for me at Excelsior. I cannot remember ever having a normal, boring, routine day. Something interesting happened every single day. I remember being an observer or participant in something extra-ordinary or something dramatic, or something embarrassing or something hilariously funny every single day at school.

I remember the many renditions and variations of the story of the overweight young lady who spat in the face of Melbourne Lewis, because he was pushing her in his attempt to get on a bus. For all we know, the event never even happened. But everyone knew about the incident and could sing one of the numerous versions of the song called "Di fat girl tuh inna Melly face". High school days were certainly fun days.

I remember a student who rushed up to an extremely tall man who was on the school compound to do business, looked up at the man and blurted "How’s the weather up there?". The man looked down, spat and said, "It’s raining!

By Owen (Blakka) Ellis (’77)



Remember the times, long ago
When we all sat in the sun on the benches at school
You may not remember them all
But if each of us can recall just once
The laughter, the fun, the help from someone
At school when we were young
Then the memories all put together, make uo one lifetime of friendship

We all wonder as we get older what happened to the times gone by
Where are the friends that we left behind as we got on with our lives
For they will never be forgotten
As their characters left their marks
Of love and friendship on our heart
At school when we were young
And the memories of one lifetime of friendship carry on

If you, like me remember those times
Don’t feel sad or old
Smile, feel honoured that you had the chance
To play a part in the memories of just one
One lifetime of friendship that will never fade, but was first created
At school, when we were young


By Barbara Clarke (’76)

Dedicated to XLCR & Class of ‘76