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Here you will find all of the events, news and information that is important to you as XLCR Alumni.


2015 Dinner Dance

Here is the invite and directions to the 2015 Dinner Dance!

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New York Chapter Initiates and Funds (SAFE) School Assistance Fund for Exams a New Program

On Friday November 16, 2013 as students gathered to worship the Excelsior Alumni Association USA, Inc. (New York Chapter) presented the check to the Principal for $5000US to initiate and fund SAFE (School Assistance Fund for Exams) a new program.

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Welcome to our New site

In our attempts to get more information to you at a quicker pace we have rebuilt our website with more features and are in the process or promoting several new publishers who will give you their perspectives as current XLCR members!

Look forward to more photos, videos and updates as soon as we get them.


Excelsior Alumni Association (USA) Inc: Four Decades of Service

             Front(L-R) Pauline Isaacs-Tate, Cheryl Symes Hudson, Millicent Butler,Dorothy Ramsey,
Trivia  Dillon and Ruperta Duncan. Rear.(L-R ) Dawn Walker, Donald Chinshue, Leighton Young, Hugh Nash, Dr. Gerald White-Davis, Rose Davis, Orville Hayles and Duane Coombs



In 1969, a group of enterprising Excelsior alumni who were living and studying in the New York metropolitan area had a get-together. Beyond the sharing of memories and the social reconnection, the group also wanted to tangibly express their gratitude and affection for the institution that played a seminal role in their personal development. This group’s determination to give something back to their alma mater resulted in the formation of Excelsior Alumni Association (USA) Inc.  

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2010 Annual Dinner

Paulette Mullings Bradnock, Dr. Patricia Martin DeLeon and Annette Harper.

Alumni, Friends and other supporters of The Excelsior family came together on Saturday October 9, 2010 in the Ballroom of the JFK International Hotel to celebrate the 41st. Anniversary of the Excelsior Alumni Association (USA) Inc.

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